CB-NCLEX Success Stories

CB-NCLEX’s program is unique because it is geared towards creating strong foundational skills. Cathy’s knowledge and experiences are rooted in her medical and nursing background, making her the best possible tutor to her students, the future nurses. Read our success stories and find out why others chose CB-NCLEX!


Cyrinne Fernando

I. What is your background?

I studied nursing in the Philippines. BSN at Far Eastern University Manila.

II. How did you discover CB-NCLEX?

My father worked previously with Kuya Paolo/Ate Cathy.

III. Explain Cathy's teaching method - in what ways does she differentiate herself from other tutoring services?

Ate Cathy’s teaching was personalized/individualized. More one on one compared to other tutoring services. Being able to talk in Filipino helps as well with understanding the topics. She will explain things repeatedly until you finally get it. She helped me in understanding the topics way more than the review classes I took for Philippine nursing exam. My understanding there was more theoretical. With Ate Cathy’s explanation, it was how to translate from theory to nursing application.

IV. After passing the NCLEX & getting tutored by Cathy Bugayong, how has your life been impacted in a positive way?

I was able to pass NCLEX with my first take. Started as a floor nurse. After a year and a half became nursing supervisor. After another year, became sub-acute manager.

V. Why would you recommend CB-NCLEX/Cathy Bugayong's tutoring method?

Already recommended to my sister-in-law and work friend (both passed). Ate Cathy is very helpful, has a lot of patience and really individualize the review goals per student.

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