CB-NCLEX Success Stories

CB-NCLEX’s program is unique because it is geared towards creating strong foundational skills. Cathy’s knowledge and experiences are rooted in her medical and nursing background, making her the best possible tutor to her students, the future nurses. Read our success stories and find out why others chose CB-NCLEX!


Elimmar Galinato

I. What is your background?

I graduated nursing school in the Philippines back in 2009.

II. How did you discover CB-NCLEX?

I discover CB-NCLEX through my wife's co-worker.

III. Explain Cathy's teaching method - in what ways does she differentiate herself from other tutoring services?

I attended another review center before CB-NCLEX but it didn’t really help me; I think it is due to the massive amount of students in the class. With CB-NCLEX, Cathy was able to focus with all her students individually. I am beyond thankful for Ate Cathy’s dedication and patience. I’ve seen how she dedicates a lot of her time just to teach us and make us (her students) become successful nurses here in the US. Thank you isn’t really enough to express how grateful I am with all the help CB-NCLEX review provided me.

IV. After passing the NCLEX & getting tutored by Cathy Bugayong, how has your life been impacted in a positive way?

After my review and passing NCLEX - A lot has changed, my life was impacted in so many positive ways. I was able to start my career in nursing and finally able to practice my profession.

V. Why would you recommend CB-NCLEX/Cathy Bugayong's tutoring method?

I would definitely recommend CB-NCLEX review. Cathy has the best teaching skills, she is very thorough and her goal is to make sure her students become successful. I have learned so much from CB NCLEX! Cathy always tries the best she can to make sure her students understand everything. I will highly recommend CB-NCLEX to anyone preparing for their NCLEX review.

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