CB-NCLEX Success Stories

CB-NCLEX’s program is unique because it is geared towards creating strong foundational skills. Cathy’s knowledge and experiences are rooted in her medical and nursing background, making her the best possible tutor to her students, the future nurses. Read our success stories and find out why others chose CB-NCLEX!


Sherimar Nisperos

I. What is your background?

I am an Internationally Educated Nurse (IEN) from the Philippines presently residing in Canada for almost 11 years now. Initially, I got my registration as Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) in 2014 after I completed the Bridging Program for IEN at Mohawk College and passed the Canadian Practical Nursing Registration Examination (CPNRE). In 2018 to 2020, I successfully completed my Post-Diploma Degree Completion Program of Bachelor’s Science in Nursing (BScN) at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University). In Canada, NCLEX-RN was implemented on January, 2015 in replacement of the Canadian Nurse Registration Examination (CRNE). After meeting the requirement to write the NCLEX-RN, I have to review hard as it is all new to me. I successfully passed the NCLEX-RN in one go, writing in Sept. 2020.

II. How did you discover CB-NCLEX?

I discovered CB-NCLEX through Paolo Bugayong, the husband of Cathy Bugayong. Through him, I learned about the successful stories of other friends who reviewed with CB-NCLEX and eventually passed the NCLEX-RN. I was inspired to join and attended every review session thereafter.

III. Explain Cathy's teaching method - in what ways does she differentiate herself from other tutoring services?

CB tutoring services is unique in a way that CB has strong foundational skills, knowledge, and experiences rooting from her medical and nursing backgrounds, making her a credible tutor to her students. In addition, she welcomes all questions and she is well-organized.

IV. After passing the NCLEX & getting tutored by Cathy Bugayong, how has your life been impacted in a positive way?

Apart from the credibility of the tutor to conduct review sessions, the review materials came from reliable nursing sources. The application of skills and knowledge, to practice questions, prioritization, rationalizations of answers to questions, and the layout of discussing pertinent topic per body system is well presented and understood. The online tutoring services caters globally to all who wants to join and pass their NCLEX. As a student, I was able to review online and focused in the comfort of my home. After passing my NCLEX-RN in one go, I applied at two hospitals and got hired as full time in one organization and casual in the other institution. Affiliation to a hospital and salary of a RN is more rewarding as compared to my take home pay as a RPN. As well, working full-time has additional health, dental and vision benefits for the whole family that are salary deduction, and I enjoy vacation and statutory holiday hrs that I can use as vacation pay when I need it.

V. Why would you recommend CB-NCLEX/Cathy Bugayong's tutoring method?

I would recommend CB-NCLEX’s tutoring method because of its in-depth content, it refreshes both the skills and knowledge, as well as critical thinking and judgment that an entry level nurse must have that is tested in the NCLEX.

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