CB-NCLEX Success Stories

CB-NCLEX’s program is unique because it is geared towards creating strong foundational skills. Cathy’s knowledge and experiences are rooted in her medical and nursing background, making her the best possible tutor to her students, the future nurses. Read our success stories and find out why others chose CB-NCLEX!


Sherina Adriano

I. What is your background?

Filipino living in Canada, ON

My experience beforehand with nursing has always been in class and in the hospital. However due to the pandemic, my final semester became online and it was harder to find hospitals that still accepted students in the midst of everything. When I took NCLEX-PN, my only guide is uWorld and some youtube videos. Though it helped, I didn’t have a good base of knowledge to pass it the first and second try.

II. How did you discover CB-NCLEX?

I discovered CB-NCLEX through my mom. She saw that I was struggling and needed guidance so she communicated CB-NCLEX where she also studied to help me be successful.

III. Explain Cathy's teaching method - in what ways does she differentiate herself from other tutoring services?

Mrs. Cathy’s teaching method is not of uniqueness but simplicity. She does not sugar coat anything and will tell you what you need to know and real life situations that you will encounter once you’re in the field. In my experience, I only had in class and uWorld. But Mrs. Cathy was different, she was the guide that I needed. She makes sure you 100% understand the content and if you don’t she doesn’t hesitate to reiterate what is being said. She doesn’t just teach you all the “tips and tricks” of NCLEX, she is determines to make you pass the system and overcome phases/challenges that you may encounter in real life.

IV. After passing the NCLEX & getting tutored by Cathy Bugayong, how has your life been impacted in a positive way?

CB-NCLEX helped me overcome my previous adversities in taking the NCLEX-PN by by making me more confident and less scared of what is being asked of me. Mrs. Cathy was able to bring something out me that I’ve always envied from everyone that passed the NCLEX. After spending time with CB-NCLEX, I managed to think critically, have common sense, and manage time to answer each questions including SATA, Multiple choice, Math, and etc. After passing the NCLEX-PN and being tutored by Cathy Bugayong, I can finally decide where I want to be in my life. Wether it is working in the hospital, office, etc. She made me so confident in myself and how I am as a nurse. When I first started going to class with her, I felt left out and in all honesty I felt like a child reviewing with her other students. She made me realize that no age, no experience can take away what’s special within us and our own unique talents. So, I used it as an inspiration to keep fighting and not compare myself from other people. Failing NCLEX-PN twice alone made me humble but she made me confident in myself. Now, all I have to do is choose what best fit in my life.

V. Why would you recommend CB-NCLEX/Cathy Bugayong's tutoring method?

I recommend CB-NCLEX aka Cathy Bugayong’s tutor method because she will make you pass. She is a hard working mom that has a job yet prioritizes you to become successful in any way possible. She will try her best to accommodate you and help you overcome your fears. Everyone in the class has different types of Learning Plan with Mrs. Cathy but with one same goal; to pass NCLEX and be your own unique identity as a nurse.

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